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Naruto Vampy 4 Naruto Vampy 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

robot here

I honestly have no idea what in the holy fuck I am even watching. But being a fan of spam I am voting 5. 10/10.

Pokemon: Explained Pokemon: Explained

Rated 5 / 5 stars


But this is all taken from a purely psychological standpoint, where each of his friends and pokemon are aspects of his personality. This is surreal, as none of this actually is suggested in the series, therefore invalid. The author continues to over analyze a simple fictional anime character. Indeed, he may have been hit by lightning, but that happens to nearly every character in the series, shall I remind you of Team Rocket, constantly "blasting off again" in the fictional world, the pokemon themselves endure the same fate as Ash, being subjected to electrical shock, lightning or otherwise.

So, saying this is all his "dream" in his coma is lacking in proof. This is merely a "what if".

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Magyar responds:


A Pirate Day Quickie A Pirate Day Quickie

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Now this in particular touched me. It touched me in a way only few can comprehend. It says something. It says, "Hey, I can be gay AND a pirate, but not a butt-pirate." It stands for equality for ALL pirate-kind, gay or otherwise. It speaks to you, it reaches deep down to the most unaffected part of your soul, crossing your perception of reality with that of a deity's. Few know the meaning of true pirate love until they have experienced it firsthand, this being the one and only exception. They say love amongst men shan't be sexual, but what if?

What if we were all gay pirates, trapped on an unknown island, bored. Would your opinion change? Imagine a world, no one, no where, nothing. Just yourself and another, gender did not even come into thought. Anatomy totally meaningless.

But of course they weren't thinking this by themselves, on the contrary, it wasn't said and done but until one other suggested it. Does this ensure us that if one suggested a stranded pirate blew another that said pirate did as commanded?

Perhaps not.

Does the plot not thicken? Does this rampant male intercourse end so quickly?
Must we be left with a cliffhanger? I implore you, Will there be another? What of the two lovers? Shall they be married? Will they have children? How will this affect their lives? Or are they saved by some vigilante justice of unknown power and grace? Do they all swim off?

And what of the third? What in his past makes him think it is in their best interest to "blow" each other?

So many riveting characters, all so diverse and deep.

The one in red, does he represent loss? Oh my but it appears so, loss of leg, loss of eye. Yet with so much lost, he manages. What a strong individual if I do say so myself. This knight clad in crimson armor, with a popular '80s hairstyle,
surely connects to us.

And now the green clothed one. He sits there, expressionless. His only known likes are for phallic images on over-used hat concepts. He represents simplicity. He is the feeling that over comes me when I gaze upon a simple circle. Yes, something so easily defined can show so much emotion. A line, curved until repeating. So simple. So very simple, yet so undeniably complex.

Although the plot is not entirely clear, we as humans can understand it. We know of the message this brings to us. The theme is constant, life as a pirate, but what of the past, the future? When shall these be seen?

I expect great things of you, TSH, great things.

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tehslaphappy responds:


[NoN] R.I.P. Grub-Xer0 [NoN] R.I.P. Grub-Xer0

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I cant say there was much about this that was good.

Music- Wasnt boring or repetitive, Easy E is a good rapper in my opinion. Unfortunately it was the only thing that was interesting and its the only reason this is not pointless spam. Although thats completely expected from you.
Humor- In a way, it was funny, although I like spam more than most flashes.

Art- there was none..
Everything else.

Since it was basically spam/pointless i gave it -7
+3 for the music.

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Sevkat responds:

you're soooo cool

Clockday09 Caramelldansen Clockday09 Caramelldansen

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I got a boner?

The flash was funny...but for some reason i got REALLY hard while looking at StrawberryClock.. like i cant even explain it. at first i thought it was the school girl outfit, but then i covered it up with my hand and it was still going...ive never been attracted to fruit before just some unexplainable thing? i think its the way you drew the leaves that completely turned me on. im not kidding. is something wrong with me? well im sorta scared now

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TehCybernerd responds:

mmm... i'm glad i could add you your sexual insecurity there... but i'm sure you're... completely normal. :D thanks for the 10!

nomnomnomnomnomnomnom nomnomnomnomnomnomnom

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I basically agree with LaughingCynic, this is just a bunch of animals eating stuff, with the exception of a robot. The animation is ok, better than some of the stuff we see on here. The music lacked any real talent or anything spectacular, just the same repetitive nom with some techno FX. Its only real redeemable quality is the innate cuteness displayed with various animals. I cant imagine this being a childrens song, it is much more suited for the internet retards who over- use " :3 ".

Honestly, I was not impressed.

How to Delete a Bad Flash How to Delete a Bad Flash

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol maplestory music

the maplestory music was nice, howd you get permission?
it was funny, and had a point, guns really do solve everything.
animation was alright music was great, and the plot was pretty damn good.

Be Somebody Be Somebody

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I used to be poor,

Hi I'm Qwazal, you may know me as that "homeless guy". Well im here to say that I am anything but that now that i have this book, i couldn't be richer. And i want to share this with you! Why? Because im CRAAAZYY!!!
When I was in high school i always thought it was Boring, Dull, And playtypus-like.
Then, i got How to be a Clock, and i was skeptical at first, only using half the daily reccomended dose of clock, and the results were ASTOUNDING. I mean its like they are just giving me the money, fame, and potatoes. I mean come on, don't you wanna be somebody for once? How often do people walk up to you and say, "Hey, i know that guy, hes Rich.", Never? well not anymore, with how to be a Clock, you'll get EVERYTHING, BY EVERYONE. No scam, No cheating, NO HARD_BOILED EGGS. and just 19.95? you'd have to be crazy NOT to buy this.

Still a little afraid? Dont be, just dont, man. I remember me being afraid at first, but that went away as soon as page one! Can you believe it?

Now that i am a Clock, Im so rich i can finally afford a pyrimad, and more.

You might be thinking to yourself,"how am i gonna get mine right now?, well just be patient, you cant rush these things.

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Clokc in teh Miror Clokc in teh Miror

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i liked it.

Even thought you are the clock "clan" i still think this deserved much more than those below me gave it, it is a great tribute to Michael Jackson, He was a musician, regardless of the charges. Which were never proven, nor was he convicted.
The animation was near flawless in appearance, I say near because there seems to be a stuck pixel of some sort in the bottom corner. The overall flow was, well, flowing to say the least.

I also noticed you kept the original dance moves from the first music video, and animated it exquisitely. The mirror effect was was good, and you dont see the glare from the original. Did the animators have as big an epitome over the programming as I imagined?

Hmm. In my opinion, this is the best of any of the MJ flashes to date.

I shit you not.

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Slappy Does Drugz Slappy Does Drugz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

omg this is the best flash ive ever seen, dig?

this is like a total mind brick y'know wut i be saying to you spallu

crzy on you.

tehslaphappy responds: